Neck & Shoulder External Analgesic Oil 50ml

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Panax pseudo-ginseng powder, capsicum, safflower, eucalyptus globulus, methyl salicylate, peppermint oil, camphor, menthol crystal, turpentine.


For quick relief on rheumatism, cervical spondylosis, shoulder periarteritis, tenosynovitis, neck and shoulder muscle stiffness and discomfort caused by muscle tension due to prolonged sitting position. Also suitable for muscle relaxation before or after exercise effectively relieving muscle fatigue and soreness.




Avoid use on open wound and eye contact. If any adverse reactions when used, stop application immediately and consult a doctor. Keep out of reach from children. For pregnant and nursing women, please consult doctor's advice before use.


Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place and tighten the cap when not in use.